十字路口希尔顿 SAii--crossroads hilton saii resorts
  • 中文名称 : 十字路口希尔顿 SAii
  • 英文名称 : crossroads hilton saii resorts
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  • 距离机场 : 8KM, 快船, 15分钟 分钟
  • 酒店邮箱 : rsvn.lagoon@SAiiResorts.com
  • 官方电话 : +6620505555
  • 建立时间 : 2019-6
  • 所在环礁 : Kaafu Atoll--卡夫环礁
  • 所属集团 : hilton--希尔顿
  • 上岛方式 : 快船
  • 浮潜等级 : /
  • 沙滩等级 : /
  • 房间总数 : (总)-(餐厅)-(酒吧)-(沙屋)-(水屋)
  • 岛屿大小 : 中型
  • 中文服务 : /
  • 价格预算 : 15K/2人
  • 支付方式 : 美元现金/国际信用卡(VISA/MASTER)
  • 押金(参考) : 500
  • 本站说明 : 所有信息仅参考,请亲们注意!

希尔顿SAii精品酒店是十字路口项目的一个子项目。马尔代夫希尔顿SAii Curio精选酒店与Hard Rock酒店可以通过行人天桥直接到达Crossroads岛。Curio精选是希尔顿旗下豪华酒店品牌。这个独特的新度假体验提供198间宽敞的客房, 海滩别墅和水上别墅, 由Bill Bensley设计。是情侣、家庭、朋友理想的度假之所。

接受儿童儿童乐园拖尾沙滩管家服务玻璃地板自行车 房内赠水免费WIFI免费三宝

所谓的十字路口项目如下: Emboodhoo Lagoon多岛综合度假村项目的开发,被称为“CROSSROADS”,是马尔代夫开展的最全面,最广泛的旅游项目。Crossroads项目将会成为马尔代夫一个新地标,距离马累国际机场仅15分钟快艇可达。岛上拥有全球著名的Hard Rock硬石餐厅、咖啡馆,还有一系列令人兴奋的餐厅和酒吧,免税商店及精品店,还有马尔代夫第一个文化中心。岛上还设有初级海滩俱乐部、水上运动和潜水中心、滨海和豪华游艇俱乐部和多功能厅。

二、房型介绍 ۩

房型 间数 面积 泳池 容纳
天空间--Sky Room / 44平 X 2大1小
沙滩房--Beach Room / 44 X 2大1小
沙滩别墅--Beach Villa / 60 X 2大1小
水上别墅--Overwater Villa / 84 X 2大1小
双卧沙滩别墅--2 Bedroom Beach Villa / 120 X 4大2小
双卧水上泳池别墅--2 Bedroom Overwater Pool Villa / 240 4大2小
  • 1.天空间 : Sky Room ( 建在沙上 ) ¶↑
  • ( 房间数量: 房间面积:44SQM 最多入住:2大1小 无泳池 )
  • Spacious and stylish rooms with an indoor chill-out corner, comfortable custom furnishings and private balconies that frame the serene Indian Ocean views.

  • 2.沙滩房 : Beach Room ( 建在沙上 ) ¶↑
  • ( 房间数量: 房间面积:44 最多入住:2大1小 无泳池 )
  • Beach Rooms offer generous interiors with a cushioned indoor relaxation space, stylish custom-made furnishings and private terraces that open onto to a sugar white, soft sand beach. Soothing beds encourage late starts, while a roomy en-suite bathroom with twin sinks and waterfall showers helps wash away any stubborn stress or strain.

  • 3.沙滩别墅 : Beach Villa ( 建在沙上 ) ¶↑
  • ( 房间数量: 房间面积:60 最多入住:2大1小 无泳池 )
  • 4.水上别墅 : Overwater Villa ( 建在水上 ) ¶↑
  • ( 房间数量: 房间面积:84 最多入住:2大1小 无泳池 )
  • Overwater Villas are voluminous villas perched above the water for easy dips into the ocean with inviting, contemporary rustic interiors, tailor-made furniture and generous furnished terraces bathed in breath-taking seascapes. Signature beds call for rest and replenishment while en-suite bathrooms with twin sinks and waterfall showers encourage soothing lavation.

  • 5.双卧沙滩别墅 : 2 Bedroom Beach Villa ( 建在沙上 ) ¶↑
  • ( 房间数量: 房间面积:120 最多入住:4大2小 无泳池 )
  • 2br Beach Villas are capacious upscale villas featuring two bedrooms with an indoor chill out lounge, stylish bespoke furnishings and wide private terraces offering direct beach access and stunning aqua vistas. Ultra-comfortable beds ensure deep, restful sleep while expansive en-suite bathrooms with twin sinks and waterfall showers, plus an outdoor shower and bathtub, offer natural extravagance.

  • 6.双卧水上泳池别墅 : 2 Bedroom Overwater Pool Villa ( 建在水上 ) ¶↑
  • ( 房间数量: 房间面积:240 最多入住:4大2小 有泳池 )
  • 2br Overwater Pool Villas are expansive and elegant villas poised above the ocean for easy dips into the blue with a choice of spacious interior living spaces, hand-crafted custom furnishings, a unique outdoor “nest” lounge and broad terraces that open onto sublime views of the spectacular Indian Ocean. Divine beds make sleep an appealing vacation activity and 2 designer en-suite bathrooms with twin sinks and waterfall showers and an inspiring seaview bathtub offer blissful private indulgence.

三、餐饮美食 ۩

bean / Co 00.00-24.00 CAFÉ & BAKERY
Café del Mar / /
Miss Olive Oyl / /
Mr Tomyam 11.00-22.00 /
What’s Nearby 00.00-24.00 /
  • 1.bean / Co

  • 就餐时间: 00.00-24.00
  • 餐饮特色: CAFÉ & BAKERY
  • 餐厅介绍: At bean / Co your discerning tastes are served with casual confidence in an atmosphere that urges you to leave the hustle of the world behind yet still find comfort in sophisticated food and delicate drinks. The varied menu of freshly prepared gourmet bites, craft coffees, speciality teas and signature ice cream sticks bring easy treats to the beach. You can grab a tempting treat to go or indulge in a High Tea set with savoury delights, sweet treats and other soothing temptations to complement the calm surroundings. CASUAL SEATING/TREAT-TO-GO
  • 2.Café del Mar

  • 就餐时间: /
  • 餐饮特色: /
  • 餐厅介绍: Café del Mar Maldives showcases a stunning lifestyle concept designed by renowned architect Bill Bensley to offer modern convenience and tropical intrigue combined with a touch of local Maldivian Heritage. The interiors create a relaxed, effortlessly cool sense of style, and the club caters for to every need, from kick starter breakfast spreads to refreshing drinks and light meals, even a premium wine pairing dinner to toast a special occasion. BEACH CLUB 300 DAYBEDS, 400 SEATS FROM BREAKFAST TILL LATE
  • 3.Miss Olive Oyl

  • 就餐时间: /
  • 餐饮特色: /
  • 餐厅介绍: A casual menu combines offerings from the land and sea with fresh seafood and tasty grilled dishes and a drinks list of tropical cocktails, endearing wines and smooth spirits. Tantalizing tastes come with panoramic sea views and sounds that serenade the Maldivian shoreline. MEDITERRANEAN SEAFOOD GRILL AND BAR 74 SEATS|11.00-23.00
  • 4.Mr Tomyam

  • 就餐时间: 11.00-22.00
  • 餐饮特色: /
  • 餐厅介绍: Original creations emerge from an open kitchen designed to showcase the talents of our skilled chefs while the alfresco zone provides the perfect beachfront setting for laidback lunches and intimate dinners under the star-studded blanket of the Arabian Sky. THAI-INSPIRED EATERY AND BAR 60 SEATS
  • 5.What’s Nearby

  • 就餐时间: 00.00-24.00
  • 餐饮特色: /
  • 餐厅介绍: Naturally amazing and amazingly natural, Crossroads offers limitless opportunities for leisure and pleasure. From casual dining to an exquisite gourmet dinner, from healthy juices to the finest wines, from Japanese to Indian, Thai to Mediterranean. It’s all right there floating on your doorstep. CAFÉS, RESTAURANTS, BARS

四、娱乐活动 ۩

  • Air

  • To get a little perspective, sometimes we just need to reach for the skies. Taste true freedom as you drink in and capture the world's most inspiring marinescapes from above.  Whether it's a helicopter tour above sparkling Maldivian waters or a dronie photo shoot to capture moments of carefree bliss, there's more than one way to fly high at SAii. SEASONAL ADVENTURES AGE 12+|INSTRUCTORS AVAILABLE * Sea Plane Tour * Parasailing * Wefies, Dronies * Photo Flights[FIND OUT MORE](mailto:info.lagoon@SAiiResorts.com)
      • Sea

      • Answer the call of the wild and dive head first into the big blue. Discover the teeming marine life waiting beneath the surface, or just sit back and enjoy nature's colours on a sunset safari. SEASONAL ADVENTURES AGE 12+|INSTRUCTORS AVAILABLE * Catamaran * Shark Watching * Coral Reef Planting * Sunset Safari * Dolphin Discovery * Sailing * Fishing Trips * Kayaking * Island Excursions * Paddle Boarding * Marine Discovery Tour * Marina & Yacht Club * Snorkeling * Wakeboarding * Scuba & Free Diving * Watersports[FIND OUT MORE](mailto:info.lagoon@SAiiResorts.com)
          • Land

          • The most obvious wonders in life are sometimes hidden right there waiting for you to enjoy. Surround yourself in sights, sounds, tastes, and adventure. SEASONAL ADVENTURES AGE 12+|INSTRUCTORS AVAILABLE * Beach Volleyball * Discover Malé * Badminton * Maldivian Cultural Center * Tennis * Photography Lounge / Studio * Putting green * Beach Club / Lounge Service * Duty Free Shops * Junior Beach Club * Cooking Class * Spa / Wellness / Beauty Salon * Picnic Trips * Boutique Stores * Cultural Show * Cinema under the Stars

五、其它内容 ۩

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